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Join a World Wide Sound Wave on the Second Saturday of October each year, to bring more joy and health to your life.

Check out the videos of individuals that have made a major impact on Universal Music Day:

Ron Modell

Gary Malkin

David Darling

Susan Osborne

Sari Max

Elle Speed

Videos of Susan Patricia Golden

Susan speaks about Universal Music Day

Susan appears on Tampa Business Today

Universal Music Day promo

Susan and 2015 Universal Music Day

Susan and a YouTube Challenge

2017 Come and Play

2017 Universal Music Day Please go to our Facebook Event page and like us!

Bring young people, they will have bragging rights in 40 years.

Please Donate

Creating Music and Reading Progams
for Children in the St. Petersburg, FL


The Gift of Music

Invite a Speaker

Susan has extensive training in the
Power and Importance of Music and Music Making for people of all ages and loves to share that information!

Call: 727.804.4908
Email: spg at UniversalMusicDay.org

Your Creation

Here we are in 2017 and we invite you to create a song that everyone can sing celebrating
Universal Music Day !

Winners will have their creations featured on a FULL PAGE on this website! For more info call: 727.804.4908