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Musicians 2015/6/7

“DUO VIDA” Abasi Ote and Terr

Tommy Evans and the “Men of Harmony”


Thanecha Anderson: www.thanecha.com

Thanecha is a singer/songwriter who currently resides in Tampa. She has been

singing all of her life, and wrote her first song when she was seven years old,

with the dream of being able to sing as a career. Over the years, she has had a

number of great careers in the corporate world, and just left her favorite place

of employment, the Centre Club, in order to pursue her dreams full time!

As she is pursuing her dreams and watching them come true, she makes it a

point to stay grounded to who she is and what is important to her in her life. In

the summer of 2013, she came across the Facebook page for “The Shade

Tree”, a homeless shelter in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she and her family

lived when she was 5 years old. With the memories flooding back of her time

as a homeless child, and with the realization that she IS making something of

her life, despite her less-than-desirable beginnings, she has a renewed

determination to make a difference in the world, for other children living in

poverty, and for all people that feel like they have no hope. In 2016, Thanecha

will be doing a national tour from Tampa, FL to Las Vegas, NV, with the

destination being the homeless shelter she lived in as a child. Along the way,

she will be singing at many homeless shelters, orphanages and community

events, in an effort to start a movement to inspire the youth of America,

especially those in poverty.

Thanecha’s mission is to make a difference with her life and inspire others to

do the same. She believes that together, we can change things!

Aris & Roy  of Spectacularrium   http://www.facebook.com/Spectacularium 

Spectacularium is electro-progressive duo that incorporates complex 
musical arrangements of progressive rock, pop, industrial and other 
forms of electronic music. Songs are written and performed by Aris
on vocals and Roy Stegman on keyboards & production.
Spectacularium draws from a range of influences and sophisticated themes that are often cinematic in nature.

Style of Music

Mick and Tess Pulver, Voice Visionaires, have lead “Breakthrough Performance Workshops” for 20 years in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, HOnolulu, San Deigo,Boulder, Charlotte and now in St Pete, Breakthrough is a  2 month program supporting you to free  your authentic voice for release, healing, empowerment and courage.

It is  profound journey  deep into yourself using music and your voice.  The results are Complete Transformation, joy, confidence, passion and aliveness. Freeing Your Voice can transform every facet of your life.!!!

Mick became a musician at the age of 13 and his band “Those Five” was house band at the then famous “Clearwater Star Spectacular” in the sixties where they opened for many acts including Jerry Lee lewis, The Shangra La’s, Lew Christie, Tommy Roe and many more. His band H.Y. Sledge out of Tampa had a national release of their album “Boot Leg Music” and played in concerts with The Allman Brothers Band, Steve Miller Band, Three Dog Night, Spirit, Sly & The family Stone. In later years in California Mick played for Tom & Dickie Smothers, was part of the new wave music scene in L.A. and opened for Dave Brubeck with his latin jazz group Samonte’. He is a published song writer, producer and band leader.
Mick & Tess Pulver   http://www.bigembrace.com/

Jan Magray www.artsofthespirit.net

Avrio Taylor
LOVES leading people in song and building community. I am raising a young son and a small flock of quail in Gulfport. I enjoy public speaking and intercultural activities.


This is the type of line we usually have & we especially LOVE the Musicians who interact with the audience!

* DUO VIDA — Baba Abasi Ote & Teresa Arruza play original Contemporary World Music  on acoustic guitar, violin, piano, bansuri flutes, didgeridoo, mouth bow, udu, frame drum, conch shell, mibira +.

* The Unity Singers and Musicians — Great Energy, Fun upbeat Music–great to listen to or to sing along with!
Alan Armstrong, Music Director and Singer with Camile, Debora Mann & Kirk Small
* Musicians:
Mitch Ray on Base, Frank Abrams on Drums and Doug Wilcox Piano

* Billy Mays III Mouth Council–A Most Unusual Participatory Musical Experience Ever–you have to experience it for yourself!

* Unity Dancers who Chant and Invite YOU to join them!
Cindy Massa, Jan Howard, Janan, Mary & Lisa

* Giving Tree Music with Steve Turner  — is an exciting and interactive experience like no  other! Their mission is to bring people together using the drum as a vehicle. It doesn’t who you are you can connect with those aroung you.  UMD says Giving Tree is the Best Drum Circle in the Tampa Bay Area- He will also bring the musicians from the audience in for an improv! Come and Play!!!


* DUO VIDA — Baba Abasi Ote & Teresa Arruza play original Contemporary World Music  on acoustic guitar, violin, piano, bansuri flutes, didgeridoo, mouth bow, udu, frame drum, conch shell, mibira +.

Elle Speed- Singer Songwriter and Keyboard

King James and his group with a  Drum Circle








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