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The following is a brief sampling from our archives of “love letters” we have received over the years… We hope they inspire you as they have inspired us!

Hi Susan, I just wanted to thank you for reaching out to share yourself  and those things in your life that you are passionate about — the Landmark Forum and Universal Music Day (including the Florida Orchestra).  I know it can be risky making yourself vulnerable to people’s criticism of being “too pushy”.  Thank you, you got me to the Landmark Forum and I did indeed get new insights and inspiration.  I am inspired to re-kindle areas of my life that I thought I would be content to say, “I have lived and accomplished enough that I don’t have to keep pushing myself to do more.”  As a result, I now want to challenge myself to step forward to be more daring and powerful than I have previously allowed myself to experience.  Of course, stating that is just the first step, action will “speak louder than words!” So, thanks again for being so courageous to live from your heart. In Joy, Peace and Commitment, Carolyn Thompson  09 JUN 2011
“Susan’s Universal music day was a great experience and I’d recommended it to anyone. She has helped build a movement that is spreading the power of music around the world.” Great Results, Personable, Creative
Stephen Hnilica  08 APR 2011
I am so profoundly honored, so deeply touched, so moved that you used this year my piece about “A Steinway Room” on your webside for the 4th Annual Universal Music Day.
I was googling my last name to find stories for a newphew who wants to catalogue some of my work.
And suddenly THAT story popped up. I re-read it. And it moved me, as the Steinway Concert Grand Piano had while I was undergoing cancer treatment in Portland.
But more moving, yet, was your kind use of that piece in connection with your fine work.
I don’t know if “thanks” are in order, or even relevant when one is so highly complimented as I feel by what you did here.
But thank you, just in case. The piece is yours. You have more than earned it. If it helps you, sell it. And keep the money.
As I said some years back — we’ve grown so close, sharing our intimacies about health, death, life, money, fear, our souls (if souls, indeed, we even have vs. just “being who we are” in this life), that I feel comfortable saying again:
tony/mx   31 OCT 2010
You have ALWAYS been in my hopes and wishes for great success and satisfaction — gratification — for your wonderful work in trying to spread the best of what we can be as human beings. You’re a national treasure.
love,  Tony/mx   24 NOV 2010
Swiyyah Enterprises will be filming Universal Music day for Bighthouse networks channel 950, Verizon channel 30, Comcast channel 20 and worldwide at speakuptampabay.org For more information visit www.SWIYYAH.com

01 OCT 2010

We got the books, my children and wife loved them, I also got your warm letter of thanks. I am more electronic myself, so I apologize for not acknowledging those sooner. I still believe your project is a world class non-profit, how are you progressing on that?

Thanks,  chris        Chris Salter creator of Own.MusicWizard.com  23 JUN 2010

Chris the non-profit is The Golden Way Foundation  Thank you for your support!
I pray that you continue to have the energy to accomplish your “vision and mission.”  Because of you, I have returned to the many hours in my past where music was a very important part of my life.
Your happy, healthy, patient, strong, calm friend, Clara Morabito (90 years old)  12 JUL 2010

Welcome to the magical world of music!

I cannot believe what a beautiful work Aunt Susie has done with this book . The colors and art work is just beautiful and so inviting!

What a wonderful invitation to the celebration of life this book is!

Art is the gateway the unmanifested uses to enter into this world of form.
Instruments are the keys that unlock this gateway to this beautiful realm of creation. And Aunt susie introduces us to these amazing dimension openers.
That is why books like Aunt Susie’s  ABZ’s of Musical Instruments, is an invitation for young and old alike to connect or reconnect to the divine enchanted realm.
Let us get acquainted with each of these magical instruments and step into a world of wonder where dreams do come true !
Francois Lange, Artist,Author, trained in the Art of Disney Animation.   09 JUL 2010
Yvonne Charneskey commented on your event[ on FaceBook]:  “I always knew this would be a success!!!”
09 JUL 2010
You may most certainly use my words as a testimonial.  I will also keep your project lifted up in Prayer, as you look to spread the message through song and sound.  I will also keep my ear, literally, to the ground, and if I run across individuals who I think wouold be right for your effort, I will certainly send them your way.
Dave Duerson  21 JUN 2010  Super Bowl Hero Chicago Bears

Are you exhausted???   Susan, what a beautiful event you produced.  I’m proud of you. I know what kind of effort it took to get it together. Joanne Osburn  14 OCT 2009     http://soulstoles.com

I wanted to take the time out to thank you for the amazing event you put together the other night. You had some really gifted musicians performing. I am proud to call you a friend and your event has inspired me o get in touch with my musical roots and make plans to start helping local artist through some future plans I will be accelerating within the dream Factory. It was great to see so many familiar faces as well as new faces. Thank you for being the special person you are and thank you for reminding me how powerful music will always be to the human soul.
Respectfully, Chris Krimitsos  Guardian of Great People www.TheWealthBuildingAnnex.com
P.S. Chuck-E love was my favorite act as well as the 90 years young mandolin player what an amazing story (Skyler too L.B L.B.)!
P.S.S. I am honored to consider you all friends and colleagues you are contributors to the symphony that is my life! CK

thank you for an excellent event, I had to leave early, and I missed Kathy Perry singing?  Dang!  You have to sing the next time I see you!
Dave : )) David Doerges     www.FreeNetworkingInternational.com

Greetings Susan,

I know how much you worked and planned for Saturday’s event. It turned out to be a totally trés fab event. May Saturday be the start of something big for the future. Music definitely is a universal language and a bridge for peace.

As a member of TWBA, you know what it means to take action. That being said, I want you to know YOU ARE









A Leader

A Risk Taker

May my ten-point cheer stand you in good stead and be a constant reminder of the value you bring to others for just being you.    Julia Thornbrough  12 OCT 2009

Thanks Julia AND this is not about me. This is about our whole community and all of those attributes apply to ALL who participated in any way. It takes all of us to make a Strong Community!   Susan

You really pulled it all together famously!  I’m proud to beone of your special singing guests – next year maybe I’ll get that “I” sound right.  My favorites were your oldest and youngest acts. It was a very special event and I’m glad that I was there.
To Our Collective Success!  Kathy Perry   12 OCT 2009

Kathy posted something on your Wall and wrote:  “It was a great event Susan – I was delighted to be a small part of it.  It even got me singing – tonight I didn’t even hear the phone ring because I was singing so loudly.  I was taking your advice and expressing myself with song!”          Kathy Perry   12 OCT 2009   http://www.kathyperry.com/

I greatly enjoyed the Music Day Concert on Saturday evening. I will look forward to attending them in the future as well. And, now that I know what it’s like, I will gladly promote events to my friends.  13 OCT 2009
Scott Howard  13 OCT 2009

I want to say Trish and I had a marvelous evening last week at the concert. You have much to be proud of.
Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Steven Grevin   19 OCT 2009
All The Best,
Thank you for an excellent event, I had to leave early, and I missed Kathy Perry singing?  Dang!  You have to sing the next time I see you!
Dave : ))

Thanks for all you work to pull off the event last night.  Roger Coe   11 OCT 2009

Wow everyone was so wonderful with their sharing of love and entertainment!
I really love Denise Reina Taylor’s inspirational lyrics… a singer with positive lyrics, that’s a GREAT CATCH!
You did a wonderful job putting this all together. Thank you. Is this every year? Or was this the first one?
I am wondering about that short video at the beginning “Inspiration” -is that was it was called? I am wondering if I can somehow see that video online somewhere -youtube? I would love to watch/listen to that short perfect segment every morning when I wake up and everynight before I fall asleep!!! I searched “marianne williamson” on youtube but couldn’t find anything like that beautiful video…
Heidi Wessel  12 Oct 2009Hidi  the video is by Gary Malkin of   www.WisdomoftheWorld.com His work is AMAZING!!! Thanks

I enjoyed your program Sunday!   I would like to apply for the next concert.  My act would be a short song and soft shoe dance number.  The song’s title is Margie from an old Eddie Cantor movie.         31 Aug 2009

Thanks,  Bill Hudgins   (Bill did a program OCT 2009)


Congratulations On Universal Music Day! Both 2007 and 2008 were steller events! It was a joy to attend in 2007 and participate in 2008 ~ Eileen and O’Neal Jacobs

Hello Susan,

As usual I wish all the best health and success in the world to you and I certainly hope that your ambitions can find a way to succeed. The most recent one that you have spent so much energy on and have such dreams about accomplishing is certainly noble and important…

I am happy to lend my name to the project as some one who approves of what you are doing…

You are a wonderful person and one of the long time supporters of MFP and my work as well and I want to make sure you understand how much I appreciate all that you have done in your work dedicated toward MFP and my work.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart…  ~ DAVID DARLING, 27 July 2007



I am genuinely impressed. You have a helluva lot on the ball. I did not realize just how smart or clever you were, until I read your letter. Your vision and your grasp of how to organize things is commendable, impressive.  ~ Anthony Miller, November 23, 2007


We really enjoyed the Music Performance. It was full of love and felt so caring. I thought it was great to see so many performers in one place, such variety and the opportunity for so many seniors to ‘shine’. My husband said “I enjoyed it more than I expected to.” I liked exposing the girls to such an event. Smart move to put the kids down on the stage floor.  Jade has commented several times about the blind pianist. We bought her CD and it is lovely. You did a fabulous job. Beverly Bitterman, October 2008 Opening Minds and Opportunities!

Dear Susan,

It was truly wonderful to be included as one of the musicians for the first and second Universal Music Day festivities. I am excited about doing it again this year. I am a firm believer in the magic power that music has in unifying all people from all walks of life. Music is a peace maker, a common expression of how we feel as human beings. If we have Arbor Day, and other such holidays, then we aught to have a day dedicated to All kinds of music. I’m really glad you thought of this, and even more astounding, that you were able to realize your dream. When I was interviewed by Carol Anne johnson of Apollo, for her internet radio show, I mentioned that I had met them at UMD so the message is heard all around the world. Continue your great work, ~ From a fellow peace singer, Sharis


Way to Go!  Congratulations!!!  This is a great day–the culmination of a dream and you’ve come so far–you’re a STAR! Your energy, wisdom & passion are evident in the Quality of this event! ~ Carol


Great Job! Thanks for having us out!  ~ A Paul and the Apollo Project gang

Thank you for your tireless dedication to Universal Music Day. You are a great inspiration and a shining light. ~ Barry

You are an inspiration to the melody of the Universe. Thanks for being you!  ~ Elle

Great JOB Susan, we are all grateful for your getting UniversalMusic Day off the ground. ~ Val

In our hearts and in our Music Love Goes On. ~ Cathy

Thank you for letting Raquel be a part of your wonderful celebration of Music. ~ Bryan & Robin Ahlquist

What a stupendous occasion! Thanks for all your hard work.  ~ Faye

Stay well, be well. So much Love!!! Thank You!!!  ~ Abasi

 Thanks for a great idea. happy to be a part of helping it work!  ~ Pat Barnes

Thanks for your dedication in putting this on!  ~ Charlie

Thanks Susan! Such synergy~you help us feel ALIVE! ~ Lisa Rose

The opportunity to perform in that setting with that appreciative audience was priceless.
Thank you again for making it possible. 20 Oct 2007  —  Ed

Universal Music Day founder, Susan Golden, brings  music classes &  Story time to the Clearwater Branch during Y Arts Week.  Susan is a  YMCA Member and Music Practitioner.


Registration Required – please call Jennifer   Harvey at (727)  461-9622 to schedule your class!
NOV 2007

Thank you Susan!  I’m hearing wonderful things from participants of last nights Music.  Thank you again.  Let’s talk about putting together a Family Music program full time.
Jennifer Harvey  07 NOV 2007
Branch Development Specialist
YMCA of the Suncoast, Clearwater Branch


2018 Come and Play

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The Gift of Music

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Susan has extensive training in the
Power and Importance of Music, Music Making and the Arts for people of all ages and loves to share that information!

Susan will speak on Saturday at the Palm Beach Music Therapy Institute Conference

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Call: 727.804.4908
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