Eddie Tuduri, Founder of TRAP

Eddie was the keynote speaker and workshop presenter at “The Rehabilitative Music Workshop” held at the University of South Florida and sponsored by the Delta Chi Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota Sorority and chaired by Carrie Zilbauer. What a wonderful workshop to educate students and members of the broader community about the important role of Music in education and medicine!

Eddie is an especially good spokes person because his vibrant life and stunning career of: sitting in for Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys on tour in the early 70’s, playing for Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band, touring with Dobie Grey, recording with Ike Turner on the Ikettes album and drumming for Del Shannon (Live) among others; came to a screeching halt when he broke his neck and ended up a quadriplegic .

Eddie had the wisdom and courage to ask for a pair of drum sticks. Even though he could barely hold them, he tapped the right side of the bed!!! WOW!!!

As Eddie tells his story:

“In the first little while, before I had much physical prowess, I asked for a couple of drumsticks and a few percussion items. Having been a professional drummer all my life it seemed only natural that I test those waters first. I was extremely weak but there was potential in what I felt and hope that I could regenerate nerves and impulses. As it worked for me, why not share the experience with my mates in the ward. I did, and …it did work for them as well. It wasn’t long before the therapists, aids and the patients recognized the beneficial results and positive mood that rhythm encouraged throughout the hospital. We moved the project into the 1:30 occupational therapy group and began building on the concept. Concentrating on focus, attention span, simple drumbeats and clapping, playing along with music, learning basic musical notation and most importantly, having fun, we knew we had started something simplistically significant while inherently healing.

Libby Whaley, the director of recreational therapy at the Institute, took the project to senior leadership where it was ultimately approved. Libby and I continue to work on a regular basis to improve our skills in an effort to help people with a wide range of physical disabilities. I took the project into several other facilities where only positive results prevailed. It was exciting to see different applications work with traumatic brain injury, mental illness, Cerebral Palsy, developmental disabilities and in the care of Alzheimer’s and other dementia.”

Eddie Tuduri founded TRAP–apply named–

The Rhythmic Arts Project, as well as, Musicians for UNICEF.

His website is www.traponline.com

“Mission Statement: The Rhythmic Arts Project empowers people with various disabilities to succeed in the world. We integrate drums and percussion instruments as creative learning tools that address life skills and enhance the mind, body and spirit.

About TRAP: The Rhythmic Arts Project (TRAP) is an educational program for people with disabilities. Employing drums and percussion, the program teaches and enhances basic life skills such as: maintaining focus, using memory, taking turns, developing leadership, using numbers, using prepositional concepts, following instructions, and modeling. Issues of spatial awareness, fine and gross motor skills, and speech are also addressed. Teaching occurs in an environment that is fun and not threatening so participants develop improved confidence and a more positive self-image.

The project brings together volunteers in concert with administrators, teachers, activity directors and aids at various facilities, and is growing in popularity throughout the world. We will be facilitated in 6 countries and more than 20 states before the year is out.

The Rhythmic Arts Project is a non-profit 501(C)(3) company. We honor and celebrate diversity, regardless of disability, religion, race, creed or ethnicity.

What we are not: The Rhythmic Arts Project is not a drum circle facilitation. We do not teach drums or percussion save the ability to integrate our modalities through this medium. There are a number of highly accredited hand drum teachers and drum circle facilitators available across the globe…. we however, are not one of these.”

Thank you Eddie for living your life fully and continuously overcoming your obstacles!

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