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Community Builders & Citizens Extraordinaire Awards


Community Builders Awards

In 2010, Universal Music Day Created the Community Builders Awards. Each year we honor an organization that is contributing to the community in a way that honors the worth and dignity of everyone. An organization that enriches, enlivens and empowers members of the community to bring their gifts to the world.

2010 Tampa Bay Business Owners

At the St. Petersburg Pier, we honored Mr. Chris Krimitsos, his soon to be wife, Katie Krimitsos and his staff for the work with TBBO (formerly The Wealth Building Annex). People with a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) are making a difference in the business world of the Tampa Bay Area.

2011 “The Tampa Bay Magazine”.

We honored the magazines Dynamic Founders Mr. Aaron R. Fodiman & Ms. Margaret Word Burnside. They realized that our Area would be stronger if we join together and supported each other. Their magazines are works of Art, information and entertainment.


2012  Ms. Elle Speed and “Tones for Living”

We honored them for their Vibration Healing through Toning. Through the use of therapeutic sound, individuals and groups develop a natural ability to “lower” their resistance to change. “The vibrations created by your human voice are your tools. Discover your frequency of self-love and how to use it to re-calibrate your sense of self as you participate in your dynamic world of change.

2013 Community Learning Center Clearwater

The Community Builders Award celebrated CLC’s Grand Opening. Their mission is to improve the lives of children and families through effective education, inspiration, creativity and making learning FUN, RELEVANT and a LIFELONG ACTIVITY. One young man age 24 went from a fourth grade education to passing his GED in only 8 months with his commitment to learning and the CLC’s amazing work.

In 2014, we have two Community Builders Award!

2014 Mr. Bob Devin Jones the Creator of Studio@620

Mr. Jones’s love of and support for creating an educated community in St. Petersburg, FL so all may Thrive. He and his amazing staff enhance people’s lives, through the Arts: plays, photo contests, art exhibits, concerts and by being a wonderful resource to the community.

and to:

 2014  Ms. Winnie Foster and the Sojourner Truth Center

Winnie is the CEO and founder and a community activist who has lived in St. Petersburg, Florida for more than 40 years. At 86 years old she runs circles around two 40 year olds. Her dedication, LOVE, generosity have inspired people in St. Pete for more than 4 decades! Thank You Winnie

In 2015, we also have two Community Builders Awards!

One award will goes to:

2015  Ms. Diane DiMaggio, Seminar Leader and
Mr. Joe DiMaggio Forum Leader

since 1990 for their dedication to transforming people’s lives by supporting thousands of people  in their greatness and creating lives that light people up both in the local Tampa Bay Area and International Communities. They are committed to creating a world of Peace, Love, Joy, Justice and Compassion.


2015  Ms. Catherine & Mr. Charles Weaver
Uniquely Original Art Studio

Ms. Catherine created her business more than 30 years specializing in mixed medium and textured designs. Mr. Charles joined her quest 23 years ago to support her work, the Arts and the Community. Together they were leaders in turning “God’s Waiting Room” into “God’s Playground and Paradise”.  Their “Safari Paradise”, Art studios and galleries and their lives are all about  Education and Empowerment for the Community. They “live by example” and host monthly events to teach about the Power and Importance of Music, Art, Dance and Unity. They are located at 915  24th Street South in St. Petersburg, FL. just 2 blocks west of Carter G. Woodson African American Museum.


2016  First Unity under the direction of Rev. Temple Hayes

Not only is Rev. Temple Hayes appreciated in the St. Petersburg for her amazing work of supporting and enriching our community: and being a New Thought Leader Nationwide; but this year she is also recognized as one of the “People of Distinction, Humanitarian Award” to be delivered at the prestigious Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, DC on September 13, 2016!

2017 Awakening Wellness

They merge a combination of Age Old Proven Healing Modalities with the latest Modern Natural Wellness Approaches to restore your body and mind to Optimal Health. The generosity of spirit and contribution to the community amazes all who enter.

Stress Reduction

Excess stress is believed to be one of the root-causes of most degenerative diseases and mental health issues.  We specialize in various stress reduction therapies, such as Tibetan Bowl Sound Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Various Meditation Modalities, Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Life Coaching.

Nutrition & Wellness Support

Emotional & Behavioral Support

Eastern Therapies

They enable people to kick-start their return to Optimal Health

2018 James Mack & the One City Chorus

The One City Chorus goes into it’s third year in October 2018. There success is phenomenal! With more than 130 singers, many concerts each year, and weekly rehearsals at the Dr. Carter G. Woodson Africian American Museum, they light up the Tampa Bay area with inspiring, uplifting music!

Their conductor, Jon Arterton extensive and illustrious Musical background is listed in our Bio 2018 section and his partner James Mack receives our Community Builders Award for his work in the behind the scenes efforts that make the business of running the Chorus look easy. James is a chaplain, commissioned commissioned by the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House of Provincetown.   He has been performing weddings in and around Provincetown since 2004.

”I believe your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.  I’m always honored to officiate at a wedding ceremony on a couple’s special day.


Whether you’re religious, humanist, or just simply two people in love who want to celebrate it, I’ll make sure your ceremony is about YOU.” “I make sure your wedding ceremony is tailored to fit your needs and personalities… it should be a reflection of who you are as a couple.  That’s why I always work with the couples I marry to make a ceremony they feel comfortable with.  Whether you’re religious, humanist, or just simply two people in love who want to celebrate it, I’ll make sure your ceremony is about YOU.”

Thank you men for the gifts that you are and that you bring to the Tampa Bay Area that have some people drive more than an hour each way to participate.

More about the Our One City Chorus has rapidly become an important cultural institution in the Tampa Bay area in its short two years of existence. Our performances of songs about social justice, civil rights and equality have been described as “joyous, uplifting and beautifully sung” by Creative Loafing who honored us with a Best of the Bay Award for “Best Voices Raised Together in Song.” Highlights of our 2017-2018 included singing at St. Pete’s First Night festivities, the Palladium Theater and other places around the city.

We believe in the power of music to inspire and promote social change. That’s why we do what we do. We’d greatly appreciate your support in helping us realize our goals.
–  Jon Arterton



Citizen Extraordinaire Award since 2014:

to honor an every day person who makes a difference in people’s lives–one person at a time.

In 2014 the award goes to Ms. Mary Brown who at age 92 is still living strong. She is a pet sitter, crafts woman who makes baby blankets for unwanted children, soldiers at war and cancer survivors. We honor her Generosity of Spirit, Resources and Energy to enhancing people’s lives by letting them know that there is LOVE!

In 2015 also to our amazing, intelligent, active 100 year young “Wise Woman” Ms. Dorothy Wylie. She inspires everyone she meets with her “Joi de Vive”. She has ability to turn any situation to something positive and contributory. She models living fully and bringing one’s gifts to the world. She is even computer literate and on Facebook! Sadly for the community, Dorothy died in May 2016 just before her 101st birthday! RIP Beautiful Woman!

This year award takes us to back in history to the 60’s in St. Petersburg, FL.
FRED CRAWFORD and 11 officers sued the city of St. Pete. They spoke Truth to Power!







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