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Memorial — Clara Morabito 94 years old

Ms. Clara Morabito thrilled and inspired our audience in 2008 with her poem “I Choose”. At age 87 standing at her walker, with the sadness of her husband Philip in a nursing home, she STILL chose to live her life with Grace, Ease and GUSTO! Here is the poem she recited about 10 times a day while dancing around her apartment on a walker.

I choose to be happy                         I choose to be well                    I choose to be patient

I choose to be grateful                      I choose to be fine                    I choose to be strong

I choose to be caring                        I choose to be healthy             I choose to be calm

And always be thoughtful.             All of the time.                          All the day long.

Clara died on 01 June 2015 surrounded by her loving family. I will forever feel grateful for knowing her and inspired by her LOVE, courage, positive attitude, and her willingness to gracefully deal with the challenges of her life. No matter what she picked herself up, dusted herself off and LIVED FULLY all over again!

Thank you Clara Morabito!

04 June 2015 The Power of MUSIC

This just in from my friend Tom K. “I stopped in to visit my friend who had a stroke. He could speak some words but with great effort. His father was in the room and said, “would you like to hear a duet?” I said sure. To my amazement my friend’s words as he sang were clear. His dad told me the left brain controls speech but the right side is where the music comes from and that side of the brain is not affected. This was very touching and a testament to the beauty and power of music” As an educator, I am encouraging our mutual friend Jay to play the drum, sing make his MUSIC. Music effects all parts of the brain and MAGIC can happen when we PLAY! PLAYING is not just for kids. Playing is an important part of life for us at any time!

Only 7 days until the Kickoff Concert the night before the 8th Annual UMD

♥♪♫   Cliff Eberhardt 10 October @ 7:00 PM Reservations $25. At the door $30.

CLIFF Part singer, part songwriter, part stand-up comedian; Cliff will play tunes from his catalog of 9 CDs.  A driving force of the Greenwich Village new folk movement of the late 80s & early 90s, Cliff’s songs have been covered by the likes of Shawn Colvin, Richie Havens, Buffie St. Marie, Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplansky and Richard Shindell.

“ As welcome as iced tea in August.” — People Magazine

“If life were fair & stardom based on raw talent, Cliff Eberhardt would be a household name. His songs display the highest level of craftsmanship, his guitar playing is superb and his singing deeply emotional.” — Washington Times

“Eberhardt is a superb singer, with a vast credible range of emotions and a soulfulness.” — Boston Globe

“Eberhardt sings with passion & with wit” — The New York Post

“…one of the most engaging & entertaining performers in the folk music universe.”– Music Matters

♥♪♫  Craftsman House Gallery – Concert &Cafe   2955 Central Avenue 727 323 2787

Creativity Workshops

Creativity Workshops contact or 727 804 4908


Susan offers workshops especially for those in the 80% of non-Musicians and Artists who WISH they made MUSIC and ART.

She combines Tai Ji, Music Improve, Art and Dance for a stimulating, FUN, inspiring and enlivening time together!

5th Annual UMD with the 1st Multicultural Festival of Florida at the State Fair Grounds

The 5th Annual Universal Music Day at The Florida State Fair Grounds
October 8, 2011 all day
Victor, Jolie and the team did a really good job on the First Multicultural Festival of Florida. Thank you so much for welcoming Universal Music Day to be a part of the Festivities It was FUN seeing so many young people making “their” Music and inspiring others. The Exodus Movement came all the way from Oklahoma to be a part of this day. I can imagine it will be bigger each year!Thank you for all the effort you put into this event! You are AWESOME!!!

Only 3 more days until the 5th Annual UMD!

So what are you planning to create that lights you and your community up with JOY!

Make some Music: hum, sing, play an instrument! Have FUN! and let us know what you plan to do! Keep in touch!

Elle Speed Just Sang Her Song for Tampa Bay

Watch for it on YouTube 17 SEP 2011

Create an event and go to: to list on their map.

Saturday, September17·
7:00- 9:00 PM Octagon ART Center

UUC in the Octogan room

2470 Nursery Rd
Clearwater, FL

Created By

More Info
I have created a show on Please check it out and donate to the cause! musicians in the Tampa Bay area are coming together to support Playing for Change. Representing music from around the world, this all-ages show features soul-soothing sound healing, energizing dance and drum performances, and positive one love vibes!
Love offering suggested $10. at the door.

2018 Come and Play

2018 Universal Music Day Please go to our Facebook Event page and like us!

Bring young people, they will have bragging rights in 40 years.

Please Donate

Creating Music and Reading Progams
for Children in the St. Petersburg, FL


The Gift of Music

Invite a Speaker

Susan has extensive training in the
Power and Importance of Music, Music Making and the Arts for people of all ages and loves to share that information!

Susan will speak on Saturday at the Palm Beach Music Therapy Institute Conference

An Online Educational Symposium on the Creative Arts Therapies  Saturday, August 4th and Sunday, August 5th 2018: 8am-8pm

Call: 727.804.4908
Email: spg at