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Bottle Symphony

Beautiful music can be made in so many ways…

Happy Birthday Aunt Susie

Zynnia from Sisters To Success sent over this special birthday message.

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Sound Healing Day

1). On Feb. 14th, anytime, anywhere (wherever you are, whatever time it is), take at least 5 minutes out of your day and project the heart sound “Ah” filled with Light & Love to Mother Earth, as a Sonic Valentine for Global Harmonization. If it is appropriate, please gather with others in a group to collectively tone together for this event.

2). On Feb. 14th, at 12 noon EST (U.S. Eastern Standard Time), please tone the heart sound “Ah” as a Sonic Valentine for Mother Earth for 5 minutes or more. If you are near a computer, please go to the launching of and join others throughout the planet on this new interactive website in order to do this. Read the rest of this entry »

Ray Charles by Tony Miller

June 10, 2004

My world is quieter today. It has an unfamiliar stillness, a strange silence. The cacophony of burying Ronald Reagan, of electing a president, of killing “us and them” in Iraq, and the great panoply of G-8 Summit blather have all receded into the sound of muffled drums.

Ray Charles is dead.

For years I’ve wondered how silent the world would fall for his passing. What it might be like to know he is no longer with us. Never again to see in person this great Black man bobbing like a cork in a storm on his piano bench, swaying and smiling and crying behind his sunglasses, transforming the Deep South Negro sounds of sorrow into his joyful noise. Infusing our music with its pulse-beat, its soul. Today I know.

I know how my own folks must have felt when Frank Sinatra died. “Old Blue Eyes” leavened their lives, made the War Years bearable for them, helped fertilize the dreams for post-war home and job and family that sustained so many of The Greatest Generation. I never liked Sinatra. But today I understand how those who grew up with him must have felt when he died.

Ray Charles died today.

For me, Ray Charles was the musical pole star of my life. I grew up with him. I loved his music, revelled in the wonderful instrument that was his voice. There were more nuances and tonal shavings in that voice than in all the words of all the Jesuits of the world, put together.

From my middle grammar school days I knew this man was special. I bought his records, learned every note, every syncopation. I played his songs on piano and guitar for my own pleasure and in rock ‘n’ roll bands whose earnings put me through high school. But I never tried to imitate that voice. It was his unique instrument. No one will ever be able to duplicate it, and that includes Chinese and Japanese anthills churning out pianos and guitars today.

I saw Ray Charles in person twice, once in 1963, again in 1983. In the years before, between and since he remained a part of my life of music the way monuments anchor us to our lives. We need to have the Pyramids, the Parthenon, the Eiffel Tower, the Lincoln Memorial to help tell us who we are, who we’ve been, whence we came.

But Ray Charles was more than a mere anchor. He was more like the comforting knowledge that somewhere in the world, despite all its modernity, there are still some wild places where animals roam and rivers flow untamed by man. We all need to know that such places still exist in order to remain truly human. And I needed to know that Ray Charles was still with us, giving musical continuity to my own life, in order to most fully enjoy it.

A litany of his songs here would be pointless. We all know them: “What’d I Say,” “Georgia On My Mind,” “Born To Lose,” “I Can’t Stop Lovin’ You.” His “Eleanor Rigby” is a heartbreak to hear as it talks about — admits to and asks: “… All the lonely people, where DO they all come from?

Today the wings of silence have closer enfolded the world and we’re all a bit more lonely for it. I know I am.

Nat King Cole

A Purple Heart for Nat King Cole because he lived fully and brought his gifts to the World!

From the time of his death in 1964, I think, I can not say those three words without tearing up with appreciation for the man and his music! It still amazes me that someone I never even met, could touch my soul so profoundly that I still miss him so many years later. I am so glad Natalie Cole made a CD with her father’s Music, Thank YOU!!!

Louis Armstrong

A Purple Heart for Louis Armstrong because he lived fully and brought his gifts to the World!

Louis Armstrong mesmerized me from the first time I saw him on the Ed Sullivan Show in the 1950’s. People called him “Sachmo” and some called him “Pop’s”. He played his trumpet in a way that beaconed my heart to open to the love and goodness around. When he sang “A Wonderful World” I believed him and still believe that we can create that if we try. He was a loving father figure or uncle. No child ever has too many loving adults in their lives.

In a writing class, in 1998, we were assigned an exercise to just let ideas and thoughts pour from our minds and down our arm onto the paper. My children’s book “Louis Armstrong’s Trumpet” poured from my soul even though I was not consciously thinking of the “Father of Jazz” at that time.

Thank You Stevie Wonder

This is my sister Katherine Eileen birthday! Happy Birthday where ever you are! She died 18 December 2003 after having suffered with cancer and other ills for decades. During those difficult years, she needed all her energy to try to hear. Consequently, she was not very available to her loved ones.

Even before being diagnosed with liver cancer and being told that she had at best 3 months, she had stopped talking or eating. Upon hearing the news, I called, not knowing what to say. In hearing her weak hello, I started to sing, “I Just Called to Say I Love You”.

However the lump in my throat snagged the words rendering me speechless. in the most clear, beautiful voice I had heard from her in decades, she picked up the song. Her spirit soared, she sounded FREE, as she finished the song!

At that moment all there was between us and around us was LOVE!

Thank you Stevie Wonder!!

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