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Foundation of Life



Did you realize that sound precedes the functions of the body?

Milton gives scientific findings on sound’s impact on Read the rest of this entry »

Music to Travel For



Sometimes your passion takes you to different, exciting places.

Well, at least it does for Marlene.

Marlene enjoys The Rolling Stones so much that she travelled crosscountry to go to their concert.

And she’s going to repeat for Read the rest of this entry »

Life Without Music?



“Life without music would be not livable.”

That’s Lawrence’s stance.

You see, music is Read the rest of this entry »

Foundational Music



For Jan, music has been there all his life.

Jan recalls playing the clarinet since the fourth grade and participating in all city choruses in New York City when he was a child.

He was also fortunate to work with Read the rest of this entry »

Music and Business



Can music be an integral part of your business?

If you have a video creation service, it sure can!

Frederico explains how music is used to Read the rest of this entry »

Music and the Bible



Is music mentioned in the Bible, especially the power of music?

You betcha!

Dr Emma Jean recounts Read the rest of this entry »

Music and the Body



How does music affect the body?

Diane expands your knowledge as she explains the ramifications of Read the rest of this entry »

Music Supports Other Efforts



Can music help you lose weight?

Deniz thinks so. Listen to Deniz as he Read the rest of this entry »

2018 Come and Play

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Creating Music and Reading Progams
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The Gift of Music

Invite a Speaker

Susan has extensive training in the
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