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Let’s Create a World Where EVERYONE has the tools and resources to THRIVE!

What Else Can you Imagine?

Imagine everyone attending a musical event or at least going outside at noon on 09 October 2010 and 
singing, humming, kazooing or playing an instrument

Song For Universal Music Day 2014 “Chain of Life” Susan Osborn available on CD Baby

Song Contest for 2015 write the Music and Words for a WAAPOTI song.
WAAPOTI–We Are All Pink On The Inside  — WAAPOTI

Song For Universal Music Day 2007 to 2013

I’m gonna claim my heart and soul
I’m gonna claim my heart and soul
I’m gonna claim my heart and soul
And pay it forward to the Universe
And pay it forward to the Universe
~ Susan Patricia Golden 30 June 2007

(feel free to copy and distribute with acknowledgment to author!)

  • sing at least three times emphasize the underlined word
  • make up your own melody
  • sing it as a round
  • create your own harmonies
  • create your own song!
  • PLAY and Have FUN!!!

Another option

Inspired by 3 beautiful, young woman critical of their “perfect bodies”

If I don’t have the body I want–I’m gonna Love the body I have!

Sing this until you believe it!

or sing the familiar song of inspiration like

“This Little Light of Mine, I’m going to Let it Shine”!

What easy to sing, song do you know that is fun, inspiring,brings a smile to your face and 
a can-do attitude to your life? 
Sing and pass the word to create a World Wide Sound Wave!

  • Paper Peace Cranes: Origami Pattern preferably made out of old sheet music!

What ideas do you have to inspire others?
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Bring young people, they will have bragging rights in 40 years.

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musical notes

A portion of our proceeds go to Children’s Music & Arts Programs with the I AM Center at First Unity Campus.

The Gift of Music

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Your Creation

We invite you to create award winning posters for our annual Universal Music DayTM events. (Size: no more than 11” x 22”).

Create an award winning Song or Musical Composition.

Winners will have their creations featured on a FULL PAGE on this website! For more info call: 727.804.4908