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The Founder of Universal Music Day, Susan Patricia Golden, M.A. CPC. Lives a life Of Passion and creativity. She fills her Soul and makes he best contributions that she can make daily. She is a life coach, mentor, writer, professsional speaker, *Reconstruction Musician and teacher. She invites people back to the original way they came into this world as: singers,musicians,artist,dancers and all around creative people. In this rediscovery process her clients enhance all parts of their lives, as well as, inspiring their families,friends and coworkers. Susan also teaches the importance of Music-making for all of us from birth to death. Susan Believes that there is more music than only being a passive listener. Music-making creates well-being!

Music must be a main focus of our children’s education.

So Susan  founded UniversalMusicDay.org in Spring of 2007 for the second Saturday of October every year. (See the About Us page for the vision, mission and philosophy.)

Susan holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology. Her work as a licensed therapist in Maryland from 1984, and her life’s journey convinced her that creative expression, especially Music is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and our children.

She was a member of the National Speakers Association Academy in Central Florida, Music for People and Music for Healing and Transition, North American Society of Adlerian Psychologists.

Contact Susan:

  • To energize Your corporate kick-off meetings, training sessions or keynotes.
  • As an advocate for Music, Musicians and Children
  • To lead workshops for musically challenged adults
  • To create memorable parties for fun loving people of all ages
  • To teach school groups and scout troops
  • To inspire the child within each to be more effective in work or family life
  • To purchase multiple copies of the ABZ’s of Musical Instruments Book 1 to check off all the children on your holiday gift list – one stop shopping!!!
  • To make Music for sick or dying friends, colleagues or family members

Susan lives in Clearwater, Florida. She has 1 step-son, 19 nieces and nephews, and 46 great nieces and great nephews and 1 great-great niece. She cares about the kind of world we leave to the next generations. She also swims, writes, gardens and looks forward to knowing that people all around the world will make music together on the second Saturday of October each year, with the intention of creating world peace and harmony. What Hospice is doing for the “actively dying”, we can do for the “actively living” bring more compassion into our daily lives.

*(Reconstruction to take back to the original)

* PassIon – When I live with passion, I have something to pass on, when I pass on.
— Susan Patricia Golden, October 2006



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A portion of our proceeds go to Children’s Music & Arts Programs with the I AM Center at First Unity Campus.

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