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2014 Events

2014     “Dreams Really Do Come True”

This year we dedicate the 8th Annual Universal Music Day to Louis Armstrong, Sammy Davis, Jr., Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Lena Horn, Ella Fitzgerald for their unwavering commitment to creating a loving world and to all the Musicians especially the black musicians who gave so generously of their talent and energy under extremely difficult circumstances. They created and continue to create harmony in the world! This day is also known as Universal Day of Healing!

Universal Music Day educates people about the power and importance of Music-making. We act as a spark to ignite, encourage, and inspire people to take an active role in their own lives to LOVE their MUSIC and themselves, to create a life that enriches and creates compassionate communities. It’s about what Alfred Adler referred to as a spirit of belonging to this human family, self-esteem and social interest – all of which begins by claiming one’s own breathe, heart song and MUSIC-making. These tools and attributes, especially during challenging times of uncertainty and transition offer wonderful opportunities. These tools can help people effectively deal with many personal, national and world problems with the active involvement of all the world’s citizens. Active involvement will grow by each one of us claiming our own breathe, voice, MUSIC-making and FUN!

SEND US YOUR Your YouTube video dedicated to this vision and our team may put it up for all to see for added visibility for you or your group!

Whether you are part of the 1% or the 99% our minds, egos and emotions can easily lead us astray. HOWEVER, IF/WHEN we are willing to go into the SILENCE, quiet the chatter to get to STILLNESS and LISTEN to our HEARTS, our HeARTS can lead the way!

Music, the Arts and Sustainable Living are too important to our spirits and our spines to leave only to the professionals. And the professionals are too important to be taken for granted! So PLEASE when you hire Musicians and Artists consider OVER-Paying for ALL the years of dedication, practice and LOVE that go into their generous offerings. That is what UniversalMusicDay.org  and our annual events are all about.

THREE THINGS  to do/BE (well, ok five things) – no more war, no more fighting language, no more “hard” work. It is time to Lead, Teach, Inspire; Wake-up America and Encourage Non-Violence and Non-Violation through using what we know and bringing our special gifts to the world, and to PLAY. Our beloved Country and World are ready and need ALL of our gifts!

1. SOUND – UM is the highest vibration in the Universe. Teach your children to hUM whenever they feel scared, angry, frustrated, impatient, etc. and of course sing, drum or play another instrument, make ART and Dance when appropriate.
2. MEDITATE –  Meditate rather then Medicate (change the “C” to a “T”). Research show DRAMATIC reductions in all kinds of violence, stress and turmoil when people and groups meditate.
3. VISUALIZE – Visualize every one in the world laying down their guns! It is about LEARNING and questioning our answers! Go deeper and deeper and still deeper into the mysteries!
4. PLAY – Make Music, Art, Dance and Drama.
5. COMPASSION AND KINDNESS – Focus on Infinite Love and Gratitude. Ask yourself “how can I make someone else’s life better?” Let’s encourage everyone from now on as part of the message from Universal Music Day to hUM, notice and feel all our feelings, take full responsibility for those feelings and convert that energy into something life giving. Remember that every time we feel scared, angry, or frustrated we can: write, create a GRATITUDE journal, drum, play an instrument, sing, hum, do some yoga, Tai Chi, or swim – doing something physical is great and we should remember to be gentle. Let’s be gentle with ourselves. Remember no violation of ourselves or others. Let’s drop the shame so we don’t get more of the same!  Convert that ENERGY to  PEACE, LOVE, JOY, JUSTICE, COMPASSION and BLISS!!! As our 91 year old wise woman, Clara Morabito said at the 2nd Annual Universal Music Day “CHOOSE” to be grateful, caring thoughtful, well, fine, healthy, patient, strong, and calm all the time! CHOOSE! (See the complete poem on the page for 2008). WE CAN CHOOSE and turn this world around! WE CAN BE THE COMPASSIONATE, LOVING COUNTRY THAT WE ONCE WERE or THOUGHT WE WERE –


Celebrating  Friday and Saturday this year!  See ArtWalk Listings below 



♥♪♫ Lew Williams Ctr. Early Learning at Pinellas Technical College (PTEC) 901 34th St. S. St. Pete at

♥♪♫  Craftsman House Concert & Cafe 2955 Central Avenue 727 323 2787 Cliff Eberhardt 7:00 PM $25. CLIFF Part singer, part songwriter, part stand-up comedian; Cliff will play tunes from his catalog of 9 CDs.  A driving force of the Greenwich Village new folk movement of the late 80s & early 90s, Cliff’s songs have been covered by the likes of Shawn Colvin, Richie Havens, Buffie St. Marie, Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplansky and Richard Shindell.

“ As welcome as iced tea in August.” — People Magazine

“If life were fair & stardom based on raw talent, Cliff Eberhardt would be a household name. His songs display the highest level of craftsmanship, his guitar playing is superb and his singing deeply emotional.” — Washington Times

“Eberhardt is a superb singer, with a vast credible range of emotions and a soulfulness.” — Boston Globe

“Eberhardt sings with passion & with wit” — The New York Post

“…one of the most engaging & entertaining performers in the folk music universe.”– Music Matters

Admission: $25 in advance / $30 week of

SATURDAY 11OCT Noon to 2:00 PM

♫ ♥♪  Bob Devin Jones & Studio @620 On 620 1St. Av. S. will host a special FREE Children’s Event complete with Intermission and a treat.

Caterina Tassara Runyon-Artist will create magic with your participation.

Aunt Susie-Author & Music-Making Improv Adventure,

Romona Reio-Singer with her beautiful voice will bring you the Music of Susan Osborn and one of the all time Greats.

And other WONDER-filled surprises!

♫ ♥♪  Winnie Foster  founder of Sojourner Truth in South St. Petersburg will be honored with the Community Builders Award this year in appreciation of her activism for so many decades at age 86 she is still going strong.

Children please bring your parents and grandparents!


The theme of St. Petersburg’s Second Saturday ArtWalk on October 11th 2014 is

 Universal Music Day!    5:00 to 9:00 PM

Many Galleries will have live Music and some Art with Musical themes

♥♪♫  Craftsman House Gallery * cafe*  2955 Central Avenue 727 323 2787 (note the concert on the 10 October)

♥♪♫ Uniquely Original Art Studio 915 24th St. South  727 239 3696 with the Sounds of Our Soul/Music Trivia. Plus recycled musical-themed mix media art.

♥♪♫  Zen Glass Studio & Gallery  600 27th Street S.  Live jam session during their Pipe Dreams III show. Watch artists as they turn glass rods into works of Art. 

♥♪♫  Charlie Parker Pottery 2724 6th Ave S.  727 321 2071  Sangria Fest & Music Days From Now – live.  The band plays covers and originals with a Black Crowes sound.

♥♪♫ Creative Clay / Good Folk Gallery Amy Diaz,1114 Central Ave. 727 825 0515 Live music and musically-themed art. St. Petersburg singer-songwriter Amy Diaz, will perform an eclectic mix of acoustically driven songs, highlighting folk, indie, and rock & roll.  On exhibit in the gallery will be artist painted guitars and drums, along with paintings of Humming House and von Grey, the headliners performing during Folkfest St. Pete.

♫ ♥♪  Duncan McClellan Gallery  550 24th Street South–will have live Jazz

        They will also host Art & Hope on 29 OCT 2014 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM to Benefit Children & Help Break the ycle of Addiction

♥♪♫ Cimino Gallery –  2511 Dr MLK Jr St. 727-800-5003  will feature  live Music by The Bixler Brothers

♥♪♫  Articles Art Gallery & Custom Framing  1445 Central Ave. 727 898 6061

♥♪♫ Soft Water Studios  515 22nd St. S Unit F 727 480 8754

♥♪♫  Lynn Merhige Gallery 216 4th Street N  727-895-2797 “You Gotta Hear This Voice” of Stacy Rush (SongfulSoul)   facebook.com/S.R.SongfulSoul

This year at the 8th Annual Universal Music Day our goal is to extend our reach to as many venues around the country and the world as would like to “play” with us! We invite each of you to create an event that will light up and energize your community. We also invite you to begin your event with Susan Osborn’s song the “Chain of Life” See words below and find it on CD BABY. Let’s send out “good vibrations” to all parts of the world and join together so that ALL might THRIVE!

Music, the Arts and Sustainable Living are too important to our spirits and our spines to leave only to the professionals. And the professionals are too important to be taken for granted! So PLEASE when you hire Musicians and Artists consider OVER-Paying for ALL the years of dedication, practice and LOVE that go into their generous offerings.

Louis Armstrong reminded us that “It is a Wonderful Life”  and he said,
“Rhythm saved the World!” Let’s do it!



Susan Osborn’s “The Chain of Life”      find at CD Baby

“I’m making my shoulders strong

For the young to stand upon

Steppin’ lightly on the backs of those

Who hold me up

It’s a chain of life unending

Ever new and ever bending

Grateful is the heart for the chance to be alive….

with Permission from Susan Osborn

Morean Art Center and Glass Factory, St. Petersburg at 8th Street and Central Avenue

Clara Bristol of Gallerie 909 22nd Street  in South St. Petersburg  (Stop in next door and get an ice cream!)

Mr. and Ms. B and their new restaurant Chief Creole Cafe located on the corner of 22nd St. and 9th Av South

Stuart Fuchs of “Stukulele”

Coastal Women Vets of North Carolina

Studio @620 in St. Petersburg 620 1st Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL  Play  Uncovered: Power of the Being with Alex Jones Sat. Oct 11 @ 7 PM


So join us in St. Petersburg or create an event for YOUR community! Whatever will serve YOUR organization and light up YOUR area with Music, Art, Dancing, Wholesome foods. Let’s nourish our Spirits, our Bodies and each other by lighting up the world with our Sounds, Silence and Good Vibrations! We can create a world where ALL can THRIVE!

We encourage non-alcoholic beverages at the events where children are present to show that is it possible for adults to have a good time without alcohol and drugs and inspire them to do the same.

A special Thank You to our Supporters over some or ALL of these 8 years!

Susan Osborn and Seeds of Singing–Susan’s Song Chain of Life will be the opening song.

David Darling and Bonnie Unsel co-founders of Music For People

Cab Calloway Foundation and Michael Mills and C.C. Calloway

Landmark Worldwide

Thrive Movement

Chris Krimitsos and Tampa Bay Business Owners

Katie Krimitsos of Biz Women Rock

Gary Malkin and Wisdom of the World 9 time Emmy Winner

Michael Mills “Drums No Guns”  (DNG) Drums No Guns Commission, Inc., was founded in 1995 during the Special Olympics World Games in the greater New Haven region. SOWG hosted more than 1,200 athletes and their families with more than 450,000 people attending this nine day event. We are a non-profit community based educational organization that promotes literacy, ethnic heritage, breaking barriers to bridge cultures, arts and higher education, empowering those impaired, and the prevention of crime and violence, handgun violence, drugs, gangs, hatred, racism, hunger, homelessness, teen homicide and suicide.

DNG utilizes the power and influence of entertainment (Music & Arts) and technology to stimulate and motivate children, youth and adults to become enthusiastic about hope, community building, positive thinking and higher education. It is imperative and of the most importance to begin preventive measures to save the lives and future lifestyles of children and youth through positive role models, mentoring and entertaining educational programs and projects.

Uniterian Universalists of Clearwater

Sari Max and “Noisy Joy To The Bonehouse Blues”

Holly Haggerty and Sharon Hillestad  and the AMAZING Community Learning Center of Clearwater

Elle Speed   “Tones for Living”

Scott Howard and Artsy Ant Book

Abasi Ote amazing Musician and  Inspiration to children and our future now performing as Duo Vida with TeresaArruza

Tehrah Tayler & Tom Hopkins  LA Music Awards 2013

Aaron R. Fodiman & Margaret Word Burnside  Founders of  “The Tampa Bay Magazine”

and the latest:

ZEN Glass at the Deuces off 22nd Street South

Morean Art Center and Glass Factory, St. Petersburg at 8th Street and Central Avenue

Clara Bristol of Gallerie 909 in South St. Petersburg

Mr. and Ms. B and their new restaurant Chief’s Creole Cafe at 22nd and 9th Av South

Catherine Weaver of  Uniquely Original Art Studio

Winnie Foster  founder of Sojourner Truth in South St. Petersburg *Community Building Award See the tab on the home page.

The Sunday Market in South St. Petersburg at Deuces Live & Deuces Renascence  the 22nd Street South and 9th Avenue South
–the Area where Louis Armstrong and the Music Greats hung out!

Stuart Fuchs of “Stukulele”

Coastal Women Vets of North Carolina

And a very special Thanks to Bob Devin Jones and the Studio @620 in St. Petersburg 620 1st Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL for hosting this year’s event.


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