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The 2008 concert featured many styles of MUSIC with people of all ages from many cultures.

The Octagon Art Gallery opened this season with a Musical Theme ART SHOW.  The opening reception was 12 September 2008 from 7 to 9 PM. All the works were created by famous and soon to be discovered local artist!


Apollo Project musicians: www.apolloproject.net/

Raquel Ahlquist and A. Paul Johnson

Allen Adam — Mandolin

Roger Coe — Guitar

Catherine Costa & Barry Skeete

Cathy — Native American Flute and Middle Eastern Shrudi Box

Barry Skeete — Percussionist

Sharis Coleman-Derr — Original Piano Music “Heart Sounds”

Kambiz Rouhani — Persian Drum and next year the violin

Susan Patricia Golden — Founder of Universal Music Day — Voice

Val Harrington — Voice, Piano, Composer

Bill Hudgins — Broadway Show Tune and Dance

Eileen Jacobs — Piano

Ed Kraemer — Djembe and Drums Kit

Clara Morabito — Poet

Abasi Ote — Didgeridoo also known as a Yidake and percussion

Jennifer Real — Professional Vocalist

Lisa Rose — flute

Fred Seidl — Voice and Guitar

Ellie Speed — Voice

Charlie Wheaton — Jazz Piano

Allen Adam — came from Russia to the US in the 1960’s. He is now widowed after 50 years of marriage and 5 children. He worked as a dental technician. He has played the mandolin from childhood and credits Music with his youth and vitality at age 88.

Apollo Project musicians: www.apolloproject.net/

Raquel Ahlquist — one of A. Paul Johnson’s students, attends school in St. Petersburg, FL and has soloed in numerous concerts and special programs as a vocalist at her school. She recorded with the Apollo Project on XTREME CLASSICAL II and can be heard on iTunes radio singing her songs. ” A new CD will be released in November.

A. Paul Johnson — is a composer, music director and producer with decades of experience all over the world. He has recorded with groups like the Prague Symphony Orchestra and the Sydney Mandolins, worked locally with American Stage, Asolo Theatre Festival, and the Jacksonville Symphony. Paul has received awards from the Florida Arts Council, National Endowment for the Arts, Arts Midwest, and National Institute for Music Theatre at the Kennedy Center.

Roger Coe — is an amateur dilettante as a musician, but he has a passion for bringing people together in community with songs that seek to raise the collective consciousness. Being raised in the church instilled a love for the movement of Gospel. Dylan, Peter, Paul & Mary, and Phil Ochs brought out the social conscience. Combine all this with a love for finding the image of God in each person and we’ve got a Hootenanny brewin’ !


Catherine Costa — Native American Flute and Middle Eastern Shrudi Box

Catherine Costa sings and plays Native American flute. She sang with the Dan Bremer Jazz Group in NYC for 5 years before moving to Florida 12 years ago. Since then, Catherine has sung with Fred Johnson and a local spiritual vocal group called Sacred Voices. Her time is spent making music, cooking and spoiling her flock of parrots rotten.

Barry Skeete — Percussionist

C. Barry Skeete, owner of Bluejay Rhythms and “Drum With Me” has been a music and percussion enthusiast since childhood. Barry has performed with the Fred Johnson Jazz Group at the Clearwater, FL Jazz Festival in 2000 & 2005, and opened for headliners such as Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, B.B. King, Boney James and Rick Braun. As a duo, Barry and Fred provided the background music for readings by Deepak Chopra and Coleman Barks and have co-produced countless Sound Sculpture Improvisational Performances. Barry participated in the Art & Spirituality Festivals and Community Arts Ensemble held by the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center and has provided percussion for many multi-national musical presentations.

Barry completed Drum Circle Facilitation Training with Arthur Hull, has facilitated childrens’ percussion workshops and hosted Fire and Drum Circles for the City of Largo Recreation, Parks and Arts Dept. Barry facilitates “Drum With Me” events for Senior Centers throughout the Tampa Bay area.

A certified Helmtone Drum Therapy Practitioner, he is affiliated with Vision in Voice with Fred Johnson, the Sound Body Wholistic Health Center and is an associate artist with the International Association of Sound, Breath and Healing. Contact: barry@bluejayrhythms.com

Sharis Coleman-Derr — Original Piano Music

Hello, my name is Sharis Coleman-Derr. I have been living in Largo for the past 4 years. I learned at a young age how to play the piano by ear, then taught myself the rest of the way. Last year I recorded my very own piano CD, GITA, meaning “song” in Hindi, of which I’m very proud. Each song is an original composition strait from my heart. This CD was recorded to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I feel very deeply that my music can help to heal our troubled world.

I also love to sing and have had the privilege of singing in two choirs before I joined the chorale at UUC. I feel the song “How can I keep from singing”, deeply expresses my love of making music.

I enjoy playing the piano and/or singing with the UUC chorale whenever I can, making friends, selling my CD, and expressing myself to anyone who has the time to truly hear. I find it extremely helpful whenever I can, to educate the public about what it’s like to be visually impaired. Thanks for your support.

Irene Eggert — earned a Bachelor’s Degree, major in Piano, form the University of Santo Tomas Conservatory of Music in Manila, Philippines. She is a past member of the National Piano Teachers Guild and the Brevard Symphony Guild in Melbourne, Florida. Irene is currently the piano accompanist for the Highland Lassies at Highland Lakes in Palm Harbor. Irene will play a piano solo entitled O Chicote Do Diabinho, meaning The Devil’s Whip, by the Brazilian composer, Hector Villa-Lobos.

Susan Patricia Golden — Susan is the Founder of Universal Music Day, professional speaker, advocate for Music and Children, a Reconstruction Musician, which means that she takes people back to the way they came into the world–as singers, musicians, artists and all around creative people. She conducts workshops for those who “wish” they could sing or make Music, leads support groups to support the caretakers while they support their significant others with serious, long term illness or injuries. Susan is soon to be both a nationally Certified Music Practioner, and member of IHSM. She is a member of Music For People and the Music for Healing and Transition program. see SPG link for more information or contact her as your next speaker or workshop leader at SPG@UniversalMusicDay.org or 727 804 4908.

Val Harrington — ‘ will premiere her new musical composition -‘TAJ – The Fire of Love: BHARAT (INDIA) SUITE – She enjoys music-making, composing, creating jewelry inspired by the spirit, writing poetry, teaching fill her soul. I believe in the spirituality and healing power of sound, music and the creative process especially in relationship with each other. My interest in the power of sound was significantly influenced by attending three International Sound & Healing Colloquiums, where I was inspired by practitioners working on the cutting edge of sound and healing. My passion with sound & healing includes toning, chanting, harmonic vibration, percussion, improvisational movement, creative visualization. Recently, my musical journey seeks to integrate my ‘overwhelmingly’ “Western classical” music training, which culminated in a master’s degree in music, with the sounds of my cultural heritage growing up in Bombay, now Mumbai, India. (valindia@netzero.com)

Bill Hudgins — will do a short Song and Dance number from a Broadway Show. He loves vaudeville and broadway musicals especially Cole Porter. Bill hails from Oldsmar, FL and participants in Talent Shows at Tarpon Springs, Oldsmar, and Dunedin.

Eileen Jacobs — Eileen will play the piano. However, she and her husband, O’Neal, have partnered to bring Pinellas County a strong appreciation for the arts. Both of them having been involved in education, realize the immense importance of the expression of human needs and aspirations through these channels. Eileen worked with children, teens and adults with “learning differences”, at all age levels. She was Pinellas County Teacher and Educator of the Year in 1982. O’Neal was the Founding Director of Camp WeCanDo for Handicapped Children. Their son, Dan, is an Art teacher in N. Pinellas County.

The avenues of learning opened-up through the arts are almost limitless. Many who have difficulty in the traditional education process will “bloom ” and grow when enabled to express themselves in new and innovative ways. Their gifts become available to enrich their lives, and the life of the community.

Ed Kraemer — is a retired bank examiner. He enjoys playing the drums to jazz and popular music. He also enjoys playing the djembe drum, and singing in choral groups. A musical highlight was playing drums for an amateur theatre production of the Gershwin musical “Girl Crazy.”

Clara Morabito — At 87, Clara is mostly known as an inspiration, having always lived productively. She now lives in an independent living community, where she founded the Drama Club and continues to perform in their programs. All her adult life, she has been involved in the enjoyment of music, literature, poetry, and art, but says it wasn’t until her move to Florida at the age of 56 that she started to develop her full potential. She was a founder of the Humanities Club at Century Village East, Deerfield Beach, Florida, as well as a member of their Poetry, Philosophy, and Book Discussion clubs for 12 years. While there, she gave presentations on Poetry Therapy, Sappho (a female poet of the 7th Century B.C.), Art, Shakespeare, Communication, Dreams, The Mind-Body Relationship, and The Musical Motif in the Writings of Thomas Mann.

For the past 15 years her No. 1 hobby has been a memoir project, having written more than 600 stories, with many more on the drawing board. Clara says that the following poem, which she wrote in 2007, has brought about an even greater productivity and joy of life. One result was a significant increase in time devoted to her love of music. She lives fully and brings her gifts to the World!


I choose to be happy,
I choose to be glad,
I choose to be caring
And never be mad.

I choose to be well,
I choose to be fine,
I choose to be healthy
All of the time.

I choose to be patient,
I choose to be strong,
I choose to be calm
All the day long.

Baba Abasi Ote — Didgeridoo also known as a Yidake & percussion

“MAKE MUSIC THROUGH RESOURCEFUL THINKING” ABASI OTE, a peace maker, musician and primal instrument maker, teaches you to discover music anywhere, through innovation, adaptation, and borrowing from different cultures. ABASI uses traditional and indigenous instruments such as wooden flutes, didgeridoos, bull roarers, rainsticks, musical mouth bow, and clappers. He teaches about their historical origins, as well as, their relationships to the ecology and the cultures from which they are derived. He pays special attention to Africa and Australia.

“Many children are becoming passive consumers at an early age,” Abasi says. Without elaborate toys, games, and media, they often regard their surroundings as inadequate or boring.”

Abasi’s hands-on presentation encourages the audience to identify and make use of the bounty of human and natural resources all around us, creating deeper sense of connection to the world.

Jennifer Real –is a gifted contemporary vocalist. With no formal training she effortlessly performs as a 4 octave vocalist. Music has been a part of Jennifer’s life since childhood. Born into an Italian family of singers and musicians, Jennifer grew up watching her father perform pure opera libretto in the living room of their home in Yonkers, NY. Her influence began with intense exposure to operatic artists such as Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo. At an early age she started singing and now brilliantly performs all types of music including world music, spiritual, pop, dance, blues, R&B, jazz and even gospel style genres. When she sings each breath from her lips finds its place in the perfect, quietly heartrending whole of the song.

Lisa Rose — aka. Elisabeth Rose, moved to Pinellas County from Tampa a year ago. She has been playing the flute for municipal bands, church choirs, and weddings on and off for over thirty years. By trade a writer and a writing teacher, she believes that the arts are not only vital to the development of individuals, but of nations. You can read more about her life and work at www.elisabethrose.org .

Kambiz Rouhani — playes the drum for more than 40 years and now studies the violin with Ms. Thompson of The Florida Orchestra. Moved to the States from Iran in 1973 to study biology. He speaks of himself as a simple family man, who is married for 33 years and has two childen. He loves people and he believes that “Music makes people kinder”.

Fred Seidl — is a member of UUC and of its chorale, and an occasional soloist. He toured and recorded with the folk group Hull-House Revival for 13 years.

Ellie Speed —  vocalist and songwriter, is a nationally Certified Music Practioner and member of the non-profit organization, Institute for Healing through Sound and Music. She has also studied “Sound Sculpture” with Fred Johnson, internationally acclaimed for his presentations on the Healing Power of Music. Ellie conducts “Music Rounds” and facilitates a “Tones for Healing Group” on a weekly basis at Bayfront Medical Center. This program has been ongoing for the past four years, and is sponsored by the Department of Pastoral Care. For thousands of years sound has been employed as a healing modality. Its efficacy is now scientifically confirmed and it is gaining recognition by the medical community.

Every SOUND you hear has the Power to Affect how you feel. The Choice is Yours.

For additional information, Ellie can be reached at: ESPEED@TAMPABAY.RR.COM

Charlie Wheaton –Jazz Piano.  Charlie Wheaton does clinical and forensic psychology in Clearwater, but likes to play jazz.

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