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Our concerts feature many styles of MUSIC with people of all ages and many styles of Music. It’s an untraditional combination of concert, improv and audience participation. Come with an open heart and open mind to travel this Musical Adventure with us! Like life–you never know what is coming next–so you don’t want to miss any part of the journey!

Dozens of terrific, local Musicians and several different acts and YOU! You are an integral part of this adventure, whether listening or participating we look forward to your coming to our events and staying for the first part. At intermission enjoy the different tables and information, or create an art work to take with your and stay for the second part of the adventure!

Be sure to register online for the chance to win a door prize and get a 40% discount coupon for the ABZ’s of Musical Instruments!

We hope to see you soon!

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2016 Universal Music Day Please go to our Facebook Event page and like us and let us know you are coming!
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Bring young people, they will have bragging rights in 40 years.

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A portion of our proceeds go to Children’s Music & Arts Programs with the I AM Center at First Unity Campus.

The Gift of Music

Invite a Speaker

Call: 727.804.4908
Email: spg at UniversalMusicDay.org

Your Creation

We invite you to create award winning posters for our annual Universal Music DayTM events. (Size: no more than 11” x 22”).

Create an award winning Song or Musical Composition.

Winners will have their creations featured on a FULL PAGE on this website! For more info call: 727.804.4908