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A Child for Our Time

Lakewood United Methodist Church and Apollo Project, Inc. both in St. Petersburg, Florida with Members of other congregations including:

  • McCabe UMC,
  • Sylvan Abbey UMC,
  • Crystal River UMC
  • Lakewood United Church of Christ,
  • Unitarian Universalist of Clearwater,
  • St. Bede’s Episcopal Church,
  • Tampa Bay Church of Christ
  • The Orchestra are members of Floimezzo

Presented: Soundscapes of Joy Concert Series 2009,  “A Child for Our Time

Floimezzo members:

  • Flute:  Lori Kleinman, Viola:  Gayland Weston,   Clarinet: Diana Belcher, Cello: Mandy Milliot


  • World/Folk instruments: Baba Abasi Ote
  • Piano: Lisa Heisner
  • Drums: Brenda Bledsoe
  • Small Percussion: Samantha Foster
  • Guitar: Richard Knight
  • Bass: Lee Ahlin

Wonderful event with talented people of all ages and text taken from a survey to the Lakewood Congregation.

Winter Solstice Music

Fred Johnson, World Renowned Jazz Musician, Singer, and Song-writer with the Amazing team of Kevin Wilder, Pianist, Barry Skeete, percussionist andCatherine Costa, flutist graced the Octagon Arts Center on the 20 December 2008.

The Octagon Arts Center was once again thrilled to present Fred and Friends in concert to celebrate the Holiday Season.

It was an amazing evening as these talented Musicians created on the spot improvisations of new and old favorites.

The LISTENING SKILLS of these superb Musicians allow them to create together, works that fit together seamlessly just as if they had spent hours reproducing the exact notes they way a classical symphony would. They are such a wonderful example of “Living in the NOW”, creating from “nothing” (well nothing but their years of training, practice and experiences, that is!) and Living Life on Life’s terms!

Thank you Fred, Kevin, Barry and Cathy!!! Let’s do it again soon!

Child Wisdom: Dave Tentrikes

To me music means any rythm or beat, or a jingle, it doesn’t really have to be created by a musician, it can just be the ticking of a clock. I like music because without it life would be very boring, the only sounds you would hear would be talking.

~ Dave just celebrated his 13th Birthday on the 08 November.

Music for Little Ones

Susan’s Music For People wisdom is a perfect match for the kindergarden class at the Alfred Adler School. A school where Adlerian Education Principles give children a wonderful balance of self-esteem and social interest.

Today they were sharing stories, for which they had drawn pictures before we went into so life lessons through Music, call and response and exploring different rhythm instruments. Instruments that can be found in the ABZ’s of Musical Instruments Book 1.

Thank you Mr. Greg, Ms. Lori and Ms. Juano for the terrific job you are doing on behalf of our children!

2018 Come and Play

2018 Universal Music Day Please go to our Facebook Event page and like us!

Bring young people, they will have bragging rights in 40 years.

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Creating Music and Reading Progams
for Children in the St. Petersburg, FL


The Gift of Music

Invite a Speaker

Susan has extensive training in the
Power and Importance of Music, Music Making and the Arts for people of all ages and loves to share that information!

Susan will speak on Saturday at the Palm Beach Music Therapy Institute Conference

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