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Beverly Shares Her Experience

Susan –

We really enjoyed the Music Performance. It was full of love and felt so caring. I thought it was great to See so many performers in one place, such variety and the opportunity for so many seniors to ‘shine’. My husband said “I enjoyed it more than I expected to.” I liked exposing the girls to such an event. Smart move to put the kids down on the stage floor. Jade has commented several times about the blind pianist. We bought her CD and it is lovely.
You did a fabulous job.

Beverly Bitterman

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Words From Ofra Friedman

Hi Susan,

I enjoyed the evening very much. It was really nice and talented group of people.

I appreciate you organizing such an event, I am sure it took a lot of work and time.

I am surprised that the artists did not arrive. For me it was great to put aside all my hectic activities and enjoy an evening like that. What is the name of the 11 years old girl who sang? She was to me one of the highlight performers, She has an amazing voice.

Also thanks very much to Charlene for organizing this great art show.

Best, Ofra Friedman


I didn’t mention to you that I am a member of an artists association called “Artists in action International”. We organize activities in Clearwater, such as art events and music events.  I will email you info on any events.

* Thank Ofra, we will have to keep them on the list for next year!

There’s Nothing Sweeter…

There’s nothing sweeter than the sound of music sung by children.  Of course, I love music of all types, but when I hear my girls singing, it just melts my heart.  It is my honor to share the sweet sound of music with you, through the Second Annual Universal Music Day!

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* Thank You Stacey Kannenberg

Letter To The Music Makers

Dear Musicians for the 2nd Annual Universal Music Day,

As most of you know, I have high ideals and grandiose ideas [mostly magnificent and splendid rather than flaunting, showy or pompous].

You know that I want to be a part of changing the culture of how  Music, Musicians and Music Teachers are viewed.  Rather than the Arts and Music being viewed as the fluff after all the “important things” are paid for, I want people to  know that Art and Music are our Essence and therefore Essential to our well-being. Read the rest of this entry »

2018 Come and Play

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Bring young people, they will have bragging rights in 40 years.

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The Gift of Music

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