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Can you believe this will be our 11th Annual Event!
Please note the date change:

Sunday, October 1, 2016 from 6:00 – 9:00 PM

Our St. Petersburg, FL event will be held at First Unity located at 460 46th Avenue North.

We invite you to join us or to create an event that lights up your community!

Universal Music Day celebrates: Music, Musicians, & Music-Making. It is listed in Chase’s Calendar of Events as being celebrated on the 2nd Saturday of October each year. (this year our 11th Annual event will be held in St. Pete on  01 October 2017). So whichever date works for you; we invite you and your community to join us to raise your vibration and energy, to connect right & left brains, heads to hearts and hearts to other hearts. Our intention is to enrich communities with the knowledge and by experience of the Power and Importance of Music and Music-Making.

We will have a wonderful line up of Musicians-come on back!



This was our line up from last year our 10th Anniversary
Please note the date change:

Friday, September 30, 2016 from 6:30 – 9:30 PM


Complimentary ticket valued at $29.(Love offering appreciated)

& Door Prize
More Information about the Musicians

* DUO VIDA — Baba Abasi Ote & Teresa Arruza play original Contemporary World Music  on acoustic guitar, violin, piano, bansuri flutes, didgeridoo, mouth bow, udu, frame drum, conch shell, mibira +.

* The Unity Singers and Musicians — Great Energy, Fun upbeat Music–great to listen to or to sing along with!
Alan Armstrong, Music Director and Singer with Camile, Debora Mann & Kirk Small
* Musicians:
Mitch Ray on Base, Frank Abrams on Drums and Doug Wilcox Piano

* Billy Mays III Mouth Council–A Most Unusual Participatory Musical Experience Ever–you have to experience it for yourself!

* Unity Dancers who Chant and Invite YOU to join them!
Cindy Massa, Jan Howard, Janan, Mary & Lisa

* Giving Tree Music with Steve Turner  — is an exciting and interactive experience like no  other! Their mission is to bring people together using the drum as a vehicle. It doesn’t who you are you can connect with those aroung you.  UMD says Giving Tree is the Best Drum Circle in the Tampa Bay Area- He will also bring the musicians from the audience in for an improv! Come and Play!!!

AV Department: David and Raina
Fun and Fund raiser for the “I AM Center for the Arts”
universal music day september 30 2016 6:30pm to 9pm at first unity 460 46th avenue st pete florida

The Quantum Physics say:

“All the Universe is waves, particles and empty space.”
“Waves = Sound, Silence & Vibrations = Music
Particles = Color, Light, & Shapes = Art
We are Music and ART” SPG SEP 2008 SPG@UniversalMusicDay.org

Empowering Ourselves & Building Community Through Arts


Universal Music Day speaks to everyone and especially to the 80% of the population who only “wish” they made Music. Let us include everyone, from tone-deaf to pro in this glorious process and demonstrate the Power of Music-Making. Music is just too important to our health and well-being to leave only to the professional Musicians and Super-stars.

* Music-Making nourishes our souls.

* Music-Making helps us deal with the whole continuum of human emotions.

* Music-Making could lead to Peace, Love, Joy, Justice & Compassion.

* Music feeds our spirits!

* Music is our Universal Language

1.) Invite your friends to join you

2.) Make some MUSIC and maybe even a video.

3.) Title the video “A Song for Universal Music Day” by (your name or group).

4.) Put it up on YouTube or Vimeo.

5.) Send us an email. Let’s see how many people we can connect with MUSIC-Making!

6.) Please help us spread the word and get others involved!


Because YOU deserve to have YOUR voice!

YOU deserve to have YOUR heart’s song!

Your creative expression – Music, Art & Dance

* energizes,

* teaches you what you are passionate about

* inspires you to bring your special gifts to the World

Imagine 16,000 people putting a video online to celebrate Universal Music Day!

We could reach all of the billions of people in the world and affirm this important message! Dare to believe that together we can make a difference!

Let us know what you are creating for this special day! Email us at info@UniversalMusicDay.org

Make a donation to support “Instruments For Life” for 2015 and Music education in 2016 Through PayPal on the sidebar.

YOU are the only one who has the power to know and sing YOUR heart song!


“Most people die with their music still in them.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

“Improvisation is not the expression of accident but rather of the accumulated yearnings, dreams, and wisdom of our very soul.” ~ Yehudi Menuhin

Just as Earth Day has created awareness for the importance of caring for the Earth; Universal Music Day creates awareness for the importance of Sound, Silence, Vibration–known as Music. Music surpasses all other means of teaching Listening & Communication Skills!

You want your children, parents, bosses, employees to LISTEN and truly HEAR you — make Music together!

Let us know your plans via our blog or email info@UniversalMusicDay.org so we can publicize your event.

Share your personal stories of your appreciation for the Musicians and Music Teachers who touched & inspired you.

Please send Thank You Notes to those who influenced you.

View the activities pages for other suggestions to create a wonderful and memorable Universal Music Day!

Speak Our Universal Language!


Hand painted on silk by Meg Soper Stallings August-September 2001

3 Responses to “Home”

  • Katy Schacht:

    Music is the highest expression of the human spirit~plus it feels good when you do it!
    Take time every day to sing or play an instrument, or listen to music which you find
    inspiring & uplifting~And remember~If we all sang the same note, there could be no harmony!

  • Judith Pinkerton:

    Gene Hodge recommended we connect. Please check out my website for more information. I am a speaker/trainer/musician accessing all music genres for stress management. Gary Malkin and I met earlier this year. I look forward to hearing from you. 702-889-2881.

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